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How do I add remote media folders on the Home screen?  [SOLVED]

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How do I add remote media folders on the Home screen?

Post by MsMraz » 02 Feb 2019, 22:53

How do I add remote media folders on the Home screen?

Here is my setup: I have much of my media on the cloud, with about half still remaining on my NAS.

For my movies, in the Settings I set up a WebDAV source for my cloud media files, as well as a Windows SMB source for my media on my NAS -- I named this "Movies" and designated as "Movies" for the scrapers.

For TV shows, I again used WebDAV and NAS together, with TV SHows setting for the scrapers.

For my Home Movies, the same, but without a scraper.

I can add these to the Home Screen. The problem is, there is a default folder on the Home screen named Movies, which does show my combined movie titles (WebDAV and NAS).

But then I have another Movie folder (which seems to be the Movie folder I pinned to the Home screen), which is showing no content. The TV Shows folder I also pinned to the Home screen is empty, too. The Home Movies folder is also empty.

If I go to Settings/System/Media Sources and click on Video, it takes me to the folders I have created (and pinned to the Home screen), and within each, there are my files. But the files are not scraped or formatted, they appear just as a list of files.

Am I doing something wrong here? I am trying to get my Movies, TV SHows and Home Movies folders to appear on the Home screen, and when I click on each, to show me the relevant titles (scraped, with descriptions and thumbnails).

Thanks in advance for any help with this.

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Re: How do I add remote media folders on the Home screen?  [SOLVED]

Post by MsMraz » 04 Feb 2019, 01:50

I figured it out: MrMC and Kodi don't appear to scrape TV metadata unless the media is organized in folders with the show's name (someone should correct me if I am wrong).

I had the five seasons of Fringe ripped to five folders named Fringe: Season 1,Fringe: Season 2, etc.... and this is why there was no metadata and the TV Shows section did no appear on the Home screen. Placed all seasons in a folder named "Fringe" and MrMC scraped it and populated the menu as expected.

I guess I haven't used Kodi and MrMC in a while, and got used to Infuse on Apple TV, which scrapes everything, including loose files, as long as they are named according to the standard convention "TVShowname.SxxExx."

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