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Incorrect HDR Tone Metadata

Any issues that are tvOS specific
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Re: Incorrect HDR Tone Metadata

Post by wesk05 » 11 Jun 2019, 05:24

-wyld- wrote:
04 Jun 2019, 22:39
For example, Vudu does not seem to do dynamic Max CLL/Max FALL like Amazon and Netflix do but launching the UDX version of Coco from Vudu switches to HDR and sends Max CLL/Max FALL of 250/100 just like the other default AppleTV UI settings. I believe the defaults you are referring to are 250/100 which would be much more appropriate for most media. Only MrMC seems to be sending 4000/1000.
On AppleTV 4K when you select 4K HDR output mode, HDR10 metadata is always sent. For SDR content, the metadata is sent with SDR EOTF, max/min display luminance: 250/0.05, maxCLL/maxFALL 250/100. During HDR playback, it is max/min display luminance: 1000/0.005, MaxCLL/MaxFALL 4000/1000. This is how it is with MrMC and Infuse. Apple in their infinite wisdom chose to do it this way.

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