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search plugin

there is zero(0) promises that any of the requests will be fulfilled or even looked at
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search plugin

Post by chris_lb » 18 Apr 2016, 15:39

Hi all,

on my kodi installation on my mac I really appreciate the ability to use the "global search" add on to search for a movie, music or series title.

I would appreciate a similar way to find content in the MrMc Kodi version. Of course an integration with ATVs universal search would be the ultimate solution. But in my opinion just a search function to find kodi content would be a big step forward.
Is there any chance to add the global search add on or to provide content search in a simila way?

Thanks and regards

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Re: search plugin

Post by amet » 18 Apr 2016, 17:22

i'll look into it, feel free to hit me here in future to make sure we dont forget :)


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Re: search plugin

Post by Petebutty » 27 Aug 2018, 22:06

I take it this has been forgotten about? I too would like to see this, it would be even better if voice search from nvidia shields remote (Google assistant) could scrape the app like it does with other apps such as plex, emby and kodi.

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