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Suggestion for the Progress bar

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Suggestion for the Progress bar

Post by timstephens24 » 24 Feb 2019, 19:13

I'd like to make a few suggestions for the progress bar (playback bar? I'm not sure what it's called but if you pause something it it's the bar that shows where you and the times and all that stuff are around it):

1) It's a rectangle when basically everything else in the skin has rounded edges. I'd rather it look very close to the default native player like in Netflix/Hulu, so more rounded on the ends and probably not as thick.
2) Similar to above, the scrubbing window is a rectangle and should have a rounded edge like most other things in the skin.
3) The times are a little far away from the progress bar. They could be tightened up closer to the bar, The scrubbing time is closer to the bar, so that same distance could be used for the others too,
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