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MythTV PVR recording with MrMC

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MythTV PVR recording with MrMC

Post by qpe123 » 05 Jan 2019, 15:38

Has anyone been successful with scheduling recordings directly from the guide with the MythTV PVR client?

I have used MrMC for a while on fire TV's(gen1 fire, gen 2 stick and cube) with the pvrwmc plugin without issue. I moved from win7 to myth on Ubuntu and all functions perfectly well except scheduling recording. I am able to schedule from myth web and if I am watching a live program in MrMC I can record, but not from the guide. I have tried on all the fire TV's as well as other Android devices without success. I installed Kodi v18 on one of my devices and was able to schedule fine from the guide and also see the scheduled recording reflected in the guide on MrMC.

The other odd thing about trying to schedule from MrMC it seems as though the record button just doesn't invoke the MythTV API, I tailed the pvrbackend.log when attempting and there is no hit to the back end at all (I will post the from the MrMC side and back end shortly).

Can someone from MrMC support or anyone in the forum let me know if you have had a similar experience or success?


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Re: MythTV PVR recording with MrMC

Post by Ted377 » 06 Jan 2019, 13:06

Get in touch with our admin koying here. He is our specialist for Fire TV, etc. :D
I think he can help you further.
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FW: tvOS 13 (Beta 4)
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Re: MythTV PVR recording with MrMC

Post by qpe123 » 06 Jan 2019, 16:42

As an update to this I have narrowed down the exception thrown in MrMC when attempting to schedule a recording:

11:30:58.946 T:18446744073576605720 ERROR: CPVRTimerType::CreateFromAttributes unable to resolve timer type (0x0, 0xb, 2)
11:30:58.946 T:18446744073576605720 ERROR: CreateFromEpg - unable to ceate any epg-based timer type

And there is no corresponding log entry on the backend. It looks like the current version of the MythTV PVR client is 5.10.3 and that one definitely works in Kodi, but I can't tell what the version loaded is with MrMC 3.7-1.

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