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PVR CLIENT problems (DVBviewer, ...)

Any issues that are Nvidia Shield TV specific
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PVR CLIENT problems (DVBviewer, ...)

Post by KrisnKras » 05 Apr 2018, 11:52

@MrMc moderator: If this is not the right thread for my problem, please move it to the correct one.

Some introduction:
Using successful the Nvidia SATV (version 2015) for 2 years now. Watch Live TV by using the DVBviewer PVR client.
No tuning / streaming problems in Kodi 17 or 18 and also not in SPMC.

I've bought 2 days ago the MrMc version 3.6.0 because it seems Android support in Kodi will probably fall back and SPMC also because the main Android coder has joined MrMc.

My problem:
I've setup MrMc 3.6.0 also for live TV using the DVBviewer PVR client.
Channellist and EPG guide is loading without a problem, but tuning / streaming is a big problem.
When tuning the hourglass is showing for a while, but after some time the screen falls back to the channel list and no tuning / streaming is done. Also no error is showing on the screen. Have tried to change different settings related to system, PVR or video in MrMc with no releave.

A known problem?
Buffer problem in MrMc?

Same hardware and same settings.
Working in Kodi and SPMC and not in MrMc.

I would ask some help here.
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Re: PVR client problems

Post by davilla » 05 Apr 2018, 12:32

All the binary PVR addons are due for an update. It's on the list. We will check to see if there is easy fix we lack a test setup for DVBviewer and rely on users to provide feedback.

Which Kodi/SPMC versions are you using ?

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Re: PVR client problems

Post by KrisnKras » 05 Apr 2018, 15:07

Thanks for the quick response!

DVBviewer PVR client is working on my system for:

- KODI 18.0-Alpha2 GIT:20180402-446b091
- SPMC 17.6-Alpha2 GIT:20171213-1f9a682 (prefered version)

Edit: backend is DVBviewer Media Server

I will test everything you want for the benefit of all users.
You can rely on me providing feedback.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: PVR CLIENT problems (DVBviewer, ...)

Post by KrisnKras » 05 May 2018, 12:51


A few days ago a newer DVBviewer Media Server (version 2.1.0) was published.
I installed this update and tried back again MrMc 3.6.1. To my surprise tuning a TV channel is now possible. But switching to another channel is only possible in channel list ,TV guide and EPG list. Not by using UP or DOWN keys with or without OK key after switching in OSD what normally is no problem in SPMC or KODI. This happens in all skins. Some bug?
Also tried the MrMc beta test version 3.7.0. The same behavior.

So besides the desribed bug with up/down keys, this solved my main problem.

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