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24p playback

Any issues that are FireTV specific
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Re: 24p playback

Post by sylvio2000 » 08 Jun 2017, 12:16

Anybody already has the new update?
I would like to know if it fixes this issue.

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Re: 24p playback

Post by VonMagnum » 08 Jul 2017, 02:26

I just got a new Epson 3100 projector and it has an "interpolation" mode that smooths movement of 24fps (23.97) so it behaves as if it were filmed in something closer to 60fps (59.94). The projector also has a signal INFO mode that tells me for certain what mode it's operating in for both resolution and refresh rate. With my PS4, a BD movie shows 23.97 refresh on the projector. With MrMC (or KODI) I get 59.94 every time regardless of the output setting in preferences.

From reading this thread, I gather it was Amazon's firmware update that broke it? The only difference I see when I try to turn it on is that the output looks like it's skipping frames (judder) with it on and it's relatively smooth with it off (save with Interpolation turned on where it seems like it "might" drop a frame every so often at a repeating rate compared to the Blu-Ray which is always perfectly smooth when interpolated).

The one improvement I did notice since the last firmware update (Kodi only since I don't know of any way to remap the remote on MrMC to test it) is that Volume Output control now works, at least on the FireTV 4k! It never worked before (and doesn't work still on older Kodi versions, but does work in 17.x Krypton). Now that I think about it, I could probably test it in MrMC from the OSD audio menu.... I'll have to try it.

This is certainly very handy for the CinemaVision plugin for Kodi (so various bumpers aren't too loud and/or trivia music can be toned down, etc. automatically plus fading in/out now works as well, which never worked before either). I see MrMC got built-in Emby support. A built-in CinemaVision would be awesome to see (main reason I'm using Kodi for movies instead of MrMC at the moment. CV is a blast once set up with various bumpers, etc. in a big home theater. If you get something like old General Cinema bumpers, it really feels like you're at the movie theater with a big enough screen plus the THX and DTS or Dolby Digital bumpers are sweet to play before the movie starts, etc.

EDIT: I tried the FireTV's hidden resolution menu (<< + up and release when the screen goes black). It did go into 1080p 24fps, but according to the Projector's Info, it was exactly 24fps, not 23.97fps it would need to smoothly sync without any dropped frames. Sure enough, Kodi would lose frames with it. For some reason, MrMC wouldn't even start (not even after I went back to 60fps). Kodi would not automatically engage 24fps even with FireTV set to "AUTO" resolution.

I couldn't test MrMC there since it won't start for some reason (it would get to the "first start" screen sometimes, but then quit. Clearing cache and even data didn't help...no idea what's going on. It tried to install to the external SD card the last time I installed it (no option to override directly and it wouldn't run from there). I ejected the SD Card and reinstalled and it worked, but I re-inserted the SD Card even though it was installed internally and now it won't start at all again).

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Re: 24p playback

Post by michel34 » 23 Sep 2017, 14:34

Still no relief with fw At least ftv 1gen stays a piece of useless junk.

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Re: 24p playback

Post by ph34rful » 02 Jan 2018, 19:40

I have the 2nd gen Fire Stick. This 24p problem is driving me crazy. Has anyone discovered a solution or workaround?
If I change MrMC to 24hz it works correctly until I exit the app and then I have issues with the screen going blank.

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