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Order of setup - Library or MySQL first?

Posted: 17 Oct 2016, 21:21
by zakaron
Prior to getting MrMC on a new Apple TV 4, I've had Kodi (I think 16.3) on both an Android box and Win7 PC connected to a central MySQL database. I've decided to retire the Android box due to several issues including the Amlogic chip hardware decoder and Netflix stability. Once I installed MrMC, I went through the settings first and found the section on MySQL database setup. I set this up first, and then went back to add my libarary. Once the libarary did its scraping, I noticed that all the watched status icons were gone, except for one show that did not scrape properly. I must have had an .nfo file in the directory, so it did not pull in the first time. After changing the content and refreshing from, the show pulled into the Library and had the correct watched status. I then went to my PC and noticed the watched status was erased for all shows except this one as well. So my question is: should I have set up the libarary first, then the SQL database? Or does the order not matter? I'm not overly concerned with recovering the watched status, but for future installs (I'd like to add one more Apple TV to the mix), what would the proper order be: create the library first or the MySQL database connection? Just don't want to erase the watched status every time I set up a new box. Thanks!

Re: Order of setup - Library or MySQL first?

Posted: 18 Oct 2016, 05:10
by amet
if you had used MySQL setup before with Kodi, all you needed to do is setup MySQL on MrMC and give it the same library names, it would have just connected to it and continue where you left of.

if you add another apple TV into the mix, just set up mysql using same credentials and all will work well... you don't need to set up library on it... it will have that already via MySQL

EDIT: oh, and on new setups.. MyQSL first and then sources and library

Re: Order of setup - Library or MySQL first?

Posted: 18 Oct 2016, 16:26
by zakaron
Excellent! Thank you for the advise. I will remember this going forward with the next Apple TV I set up.