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Trouble with resuming 4K videos

Posted: 02 May 2019, 09:53
by tcl-max

I'm sing MrMC to play high-bitrate 4K HDR rips of UHD discs, via Plex integration in MrMC. When I resume playing the video after a break, there is stuttering, pausing, or a low-fps-effect on the video while the audio plays fine. The video never corrects itself.

I have gigabit wired networking that uses an AppleTV 4K for the playback, with files hosted on a NAS, and the Plex server on a Gigabyte Brix. Whenever I play the 4K HDR rips from the start, they play flawlessly with no issues whatsoever. But resuming from any where / any chapter in the file causes the above issues. I looked at the Plex dashboard, and the network traffic doesn't go about about 400Mbs, so I don't think that's the culprit. I suspect the NAS has to struggle to provide the data from the disk, but if that were the case, why would playing from the start of a file have no issues?

I don't see a setting for buffering amount or latency in MrMC, so I'm out of ideas at this point.

Right now this means I have to watch movies all the way through because of the video problems on resume.


Re: Trouble with resuming 4K videos

Posted: 02 May 2019, 19:38
by amet
Debuglog might have more info, make sure you capture the log after the issue appears.

Re: Trouble with resuming 4K videos

Posted: 03 May 2019, 03:05
by tcl-max