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SOLVED! 3.7.0 Play next video automatically- not working.

Posted: 21 Sep 2018, 18:06
by BlueSky
While watching TV shows or Movies, the “play next video automatically” function no longer works. This just started with the recent update to 3.7.0. Also, it doesn’t matter which skin I am using. I have tried default Ariana skin and the old Opacity skin, the next video will not play automatically. I double checked my settings under Video/Playback and the “play next video automatically“ option is selected.

Is there a way to go back to a previous version of MrMC? Really not liking this update so far. Other functions lost were the ability to backwards scroll, when I go into a movie list and am in the A’s and want to go to the Y’s I have to forward scroll through all of the movies to get to Y instead of just backwards scrolling immediately to Z. Is there a setting I am missing to reenable this function?

The inability to play the next video automatically is a huge deal breaker for me. If you could please fix this I would really appreciate it.


Re: 3.7.0 Play next video automatically- not working.

Posted: 22 Sep 2018, 00:00
by BlueSky
Just found another issue with video playback in 3.7.0 when I pause a video and minimize MrMC to open another Apple TV app. When I go back to the MrMC app to resume my video, MrMC goes to the home screen instead of resuming the video that was paused. Also, when I navigate to the video that was playing in my library, the video starts from the begining again, not from where I left off. This is not how the older version of MrMC worked at all. I wish I could uninstall this version and go back to the very stable version that was 3.6... This upgrade is not an improvement.

Accessing my videos from a Synology Diskstation.

Re: 3.7.0 Play next video automatically- not working.

Posted: 22 Sep 2018, 06:56
by amet
How are you playing the video ? Are you selecting it and going via movie info screen or are you using “play” button on a remote?

Unfortunately there is no way to go back to 3.6.2

There is a setting for “wraparound “ while scrolling

settings->appearance->skin scroll down to Allow navigation wrapping(I am not in front of the TV now, might be wrong on where it is but it definitely exists as a setting)

Re: 3.7.0 Play next video automatically- not working.

Posted: 22 Sep 2018, 12:30
by BlueSky
Thank you Amet! Problem SOLVED! I was playing the videos as I always did by just pressing the select button (pressing down on the toutpchoad). It was bringin up the description of the video and I had to press the play icon. Then when the movie or tv show was over it was just booting me back to the list. Pressing play from the list completely solves this problem and begins playing the next video after the other one finishes. This also solves the issue I had with pausing the video. As long as I press the play button to start the video, pausing and minimizing is not a problem anymore.

Also, thanks for the heads up on the scrolling settings. That solved the problem of no backwards scrolling. Thank you very much for your help!! I truly appreciate it. And now back to our regularly scheduled program... :)