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Playback is freezing/ sometimes buffering

tvOS Video playback support subforum
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Re: Playback is freezing/ sometimes buffering

Post by davilla » 31 Dec 2017, 00:02

clean out the local movie database, then there will be only one 'movies' which will contain plex items.

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Re: Playback is freezing/ sometimes buffering

Post by amet » 31 Dec 2017, 05:57

pauabaer wrote:
30 Dec 2017, 20:37
... But what i really like to know is: can you rename the source from my Plexserver? i always see a long name "Plex(o) - NAS - Movies". Is it possible to only show "Movies"?
not at the moment, "Plex" is the service name, "(o)" means that you own it, "NAS" is the name of your plex server(you control that) and "Movies" is the name of your library(you also control that in plex webui)

but like davilla said, if you remove local sources then there will only be plex database and it will not list MrMC one and Plex one

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