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v3.8.0 musings as an Emby user

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v3.8.0 musings as an Emby user

Post by MediaDevil » 06 Mar 2019, 15:20

First a quick thanks for bringing most of what I needed from Kodi to tvOS. After lurking for a long time using "MrMC lite" I made the purchase at v3.7.0 (thanks to Ariana). The Apple TV + MrMC is now our main media player.

Since 3.7.0 was released Emby released v1.4.0 of their tvOS app which finally uses a custom player (supporting more formats without requiring transcoding - which I disable on my server due to it being very under powered).

And I find myself torn as both options have advantages.

  • Better video playback
  • Better audio output
  • The quiet genius of enabling subtitles with a triple tap (this should be a tvOS default/option)
  • Better playback OSD (having the current time/finish time)
  • tvOS-like scrubbing UI
Emby app
  • Better homescreen UI/UX (it feels more like a tvOS app)
  • "Next Up" functionality works
  • tvOS homescreen shelf shows TV Shows (rather than the redundant Recently Added Movies - how often does one add movies and also require quick access to said addition?)
Ultimately MrMC wins as the playback is superior (And re-watching Game of Thrones at the moment I can easily enable subtitles for Dothraki or Valyrian bits - have I mentioned how much I love the triple tap :) The little Siri remote does everything I need as well or better than my Harmony 750 now EXCEPT mute!).

I now find myself waiting to see which will happen first - will Emby improve their playback or MrMC their support of Emby specific features.

Either way I'm just happy to have 2 viable options (the wife really dislikes the Infuse UI so that's never been used by us). Looking forward to the next release (and fingers crossed for some Emby focus).

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