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I think I'm in love

Posted: 06 Jan 2018, 03:05
by cosmoxl
I picked up an ATV4k today.

Playback via MrMC with AVF exceeds my expectations.

I still have a 1080p SDR system, but the ATV4k seems to be mapping HDR material to SDR output. Other devices don't do that. The HDR test file that was "ripped" from one of the aerial screensavers (I got it from the link davilla posted in a testflight thread) looks normal now, but with the ATV4 it was washed out. That's what tells me the ATV4k is remapping rec2020 to rec709.

The refresh rate switching works beautifully so far.

It has the power to software decode decent bitrate VC1, something the ATV4 couldn't do.

As mentioned in other threads it even has the power to yadif deinterlace HD material. Nvidia Shield TV can't do that, I've tried. Granted, it's using over 200% of the max %300 CPU to do it in certain scenes. Whether or not yadif on this device is better than bob-inverse I don't know.

Re: I think I'm in love

Posted: 23 Jan 2018, 23:36
by cosmoxl
I'm surprised there's not more talk about the ability of AVFoundation to remap rec2020 to rec709. The ATV4k does it. It's quite fantastic.

This ability is something that many people are seeking. I see people asking for Plex to convert "HDR to SDR" because they still have TVs that don't support HDR. But, so far the ability is basically reserved for home theater PC setups with madvr, which also does a great job of it.

Plex has said it's something they'll look into, and I hope they can work something out. Because, in the future it'll be difficult to keep libraries of HDR and SDR material and try to keep them separate for those clients (and guest users) that don't have HDR TVs. But until then I'll suggest people get an ATV4k!