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people with loyalty to Kodi

Posted: 17 Feb 2017, 20:39
by cosmoxl ... x/ddvkopn/

I've seen this attitude more than once. Why? Do they not understand the work you put into MrMC? Haven't Kodi developers taken some of the work you've done and integrated it into Kodi?

Re: people with loyalty to Kodi

Posted: 17 Feb 2017, 22:10
by davilla
Yea, so sad :) we have gotten into the habit of ignoring those type of posts. Clueless is as clueless are.

Kodi devs have taken some commits but they want to be spoon feed via PRs (pull requests) from us. We did PRs long ago and got feed up with the senseless bikeshedding over silly things. Plus when I get told I know nothing about codecs, it rather pisses me off too :)

Case in point, which just showed up at and ... pid2527773 at which the user got told to basically frackoff(tm).

MrMC prevents the above issue, one of our users pointed it out long ago and I came up with a fixe. SPMC pulled it in. Kodi would rather discuss naming of variables than actually fix a real problem. Was it prefect, no, but at least it was a start at plugging some gaping exploit holes.

This whole attitude is why Amet and I retired from team kodi and started MrMC. There is a reason why Kodi STILL (after a year) does not have any Android maintainer :)

Re: people with loyalty to Kodi

Posted: 18 Feb 2017, 02:28
by amet
Heh, you should see the comments on Amazon store.... no one sees( or wants to see) the small things we do, player changes, audio changes, video playback fixes and tweaks.. everyone points out that kodi is free , we have forked from there and are now charging $ for it.

90% of the tvOS kodi users don't even know that the full tvOS integration came from us, 100% of the people that bitch about us charging for it don't even know that the only reason Android Kodi exists is cos davilla and theUni ported kodi to it. That 2 out of first 3 Apple TV 2 units were Davilla's and mine when iOS port was done in 2010( I think).... talking about open source but no one checks the facts before attacking.

But as davilla said, we ignore those comments now, we have given up trying to educate the Internet crowd :)

Re: people with loyalty to Kodi

Posted: 18 Feb 2017, 17:00
by davilla
And not to forget that the entire 'depends' concept was something I conceived and created eons ago, specific for dealing with the cross-compile of our dependent libs for various platforms. Without this, there would be no other platforms besides desktop.

Re: people with loyalty to Kodi

Posted: 18 Feb 2017, 18:39
by cosmoxl
I really hate the attitude of resentment towards people who make money for work done. As if they're ripping somebody off. It's good to know the people complaining about MrMC are the ignorant ones.