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Why Plex apps suck

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Why Plex apps suck

Post by timstephens24 » 11 Apr 2019, 00:08

Today I was trying to watch a simple TV show on the new updated fresh Plex 2.0 app on my Apple TV 4K. As usually, I quickly had issues with freezing and then a pop up saying that my connection to the server wasn't good enough to watch a 1GB file TV show episode. It's a normal issue I, or my family that I share my Plex server with, have, and it's very annoying. I decided to try a test, since I know my internet is good.

I have hard-wired Ethernet everywhere (no powerline adapters or MoCa, just normal Cat5e), and seven 802.11AC WiFi access points spread throughout my house all running off my 1Gbps up/down fiber connection (but Speedtest is usually around 800Mbps down and 940Mbps up). I made a 5GB test file on my server and downloaded it at around 57MB/s which took 1:29 to download. A minute and a half to download a file 5x bigger than the 23 minute episode that Plex wouldn't play...

I figured the first step is generally making sure everything is wired fine and to do that I basically went to all the drops I was using and tested with iperf to my server after making sure the wiring was still correct with my tester. Everything was still showing pretty steady high speeds and playing this TV episode should have worked.

Now on the specific device level, I pulled up MrMC on my Apple TV 4K. The TV show played fine, which I assumed it would. I wanted to kind of stress it a little, so on my iPad I loaded up Infuse (I know, it's a bad word here, but lets face it, the iOS MrMC app is basically the bastard red headed step child). On Infuse on the iPad (let's be honest, the MrMC iOS app is a red-headed step-child) I decided to play my rip of John Wick Chapter 2 (looked after with mediainfo and it's average 82.6Mbps), and then on MrMC something fun and is generally a go-to for me... Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (average 56.2 Mbps). I played both of them for 30 minutes and no buffering, freezes, anything.

Basically all that to say, the Plex apps look nice but they really suck. The Plex server on the other hand I like very much, it makes MrMC work a lot better (and I guess Emby, but I've never really gotten high on the Emby train since it's just... meh). I didn't test the Plex Android app, but I've had the exact same issues with it, and no issues with MrMC on the NVIDIA Shield. Friends don't let friends use the Plex app.
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