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DLNA Metadata and File Sorting

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DLNA Metadata and File Sorting

Post by atc98092 » 26 Jun 2019, 20:09

Hi there! After testing the Lite version, I purchased the full version for my Nvidia Shield. In general, I am more than satisfied with MrMC over any other option I could find. There are two minor areas that I'd like to find out if I have a setting wrong, or if I could suggest an improvement. :D

First, my configuration. 2017 Shield connected to a Yamaha AVR and a Samsung JU7100 4K display. I have no issues with the lossless audio codecs, including TrueHD/Atmos and DTS:X. HDR works fine, and refresh rate and resolution changes to match the source material, exactly as I would hope. Media is all streamed from a Serviio DLNA server on my home network.

Issue 1: File sort. For most file lists, there is no problem with an alphabetical list, as that's what Serviio is presenting anyway. However, I have two file lists that instead present the titles differently. In the Last Added list, the most recent addition to my server is on top, going down with each earlier addition. The other is Playlists. I use both .PLS or .M3U playlists, and I usually build these lists with a desired title order, which isn't by date, title, or anything else that can be determined from the metadata. I would like my title lists to stay in the order presented by the server, and not re-sorted by MrMC.

Issue 2: Metadata. Serviio provides metadata for each title, including director, actors, year released, synopsis, and a number of other fields. Kodi uses this information and displays it for each title selected. With MrMC, I don't seem to get anything other than the length and one other item that escapes me at the moment. Once I've played the title and returned to the title list, the audio and video codecs are shown, along with the rating and perhaps something else. But the synopsis information never appears. Again, it appears with Kodi but not MrMC. Is there perhaps a different skin that might use the metadata my server provides, or is there a setting somewhere I've overlooked?

Other than these two little quips, I really like the way MrMC looks and works. Now if I can just break the wife from using the old Sony BD player to watch stuff and use the Shield/MrMC instead. :lol:

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