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On deck with Plex  [SOLVED]

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On deck with Plex  [SOLVED]

Post by Hitsville » 01 Feb 2019, 14:12

Hey all.

I just returned to MrMC (3.7-1)after a while away after selling my ATV 4K.
I now have a shield but am having some issues with Plex integration.
When I click on the on-deck or In Progress items, they do not match up at all. They take me to a whole different episode of a completely different show (or movie with In Progress). Any ideas what might be happening?

I use the Ariana skin but have tested it with others and it's the same.
It doesn't happen with any official Plex clients, nor does it happen with the Plex for Kodi extension in MrMC.
To add I have reauthorized Plex several times in MrMC.
Any help would be appreciated.

Never mind. A MrMC reinstall seems to have cured it.

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