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Default Audio Sync Settings based on Audio Format

Posted: 10 Jan 2019, 05:50
by RhinoChaser
I have a Samsung TV and an Nvidia Shield playing audio through a Sonos Beam which supports Dolby Digital (AC3).

I experience noticeable audio delay when playing Dolby which I have set to passthrough. This sync issue is not an MrMC issue but MrMC is the only app that offers a means of correcting it.

All other formats play as PCM.

When I set my audio to .250s ahead the audio syncs very well.

If I set this as default all Dolby encoded audio syncs well; however, I need to remove this setting every time I play anything that isn’t in Dolby AC3 because audio will be out of sync when playing this content with the .250s setting.

Is it possible to sync audio based on format as opposed to a default that affects everything?

The only other option I can think to use is to remove passthrough. Ironically this is why I tried MrMC I. the first place because that was my only option in plex (disable passthrough). I like the fact that MrMC offers syncing as I’ve used XBMC/Kodi for years. An automated option would be fantastic.

The difference between PCM and Dolby is very noticeable. It seems that a number of people with similar sets have sync issues as well.

I also use MrMC connected to a receiver in another room and it does a fantastic job.

Interestingly enough I don’t have this issue when playing audio using the Plex app installed on my Samsung tv but I do experience it using the media player apps on the shield.