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Sort Title doesn't work, poster files don't always show

Posted: 01 Jan 2019, 03:16
by Sokudoningyou
So, I actually have three questions, but I didn't want to overwhelm the subject header.

One problem I have that I had on SPMC: trying to get files to work by my sort order. I've got NFO files set up to sort, for example, my MCU movies by the order they're supposed to be in, which for the most part, is by year. But despite the fact I have the NFO files with the proper sort names, the files refuse to actually follow them. Like Ant-Man, I have <sorttitle>MCU 12</sorttitle>within the NFO file, and Age of Ultron is 11. But Ultron still ends up before Ant-Man. Star Wars is the same thing: I've tried setting Rogue One's set title as "Star Wars 1," but it still ends up between Force Awakens and Last Jedi. Even though I have NFO files for every movie, and set titles as I want them to be organized, they refuse to actually organize properly. This is mildly annoying, and there seems to be no other sort order I can change it to to grab this information.

Another is my poster files; why, when I have a folder of movies, does the system often grab the proper fanart file I have, but not the poster file? Like the aforementioned MCU movies, I have them all in one folder, with a "poster.jpg" and a "fanart.jpg." When I've had to reinstall MrMC (or when I had to do it with SPMC), the system would recognize the fanart, but not the poster, so I would have to go in every time and grab the correct poster. Why isn't it recognizing it? It has no problem recognizing specific file posters and fanart, but for some reason, folder posters just don't work the same way.

Last question is probably something I've just kept missing, but is there any way to make a music playlist on my computer, like an m3u, then put it in the same folder as my files? It's a lot easier for me to do that than try to do it through the system.

I have MrMc 3.7.1 on my Nvidia, if that makes any difference to these questions.