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Minimising resolution switches

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Minimising resolution switches

Post by Quartermass » 30 Jul 2018, 15:48

I have MrMC on a Shield connected to a Sony 1080 AVR, connected to an LG TV.

When it's playing it's great, the quality etc is wonderful and I've got MrMC working great on 4K/HDR/Atmos content.

However starting and stopping is a bit of a pain and it will be several seconds of black screen before it's switched resolution and back to normal, meanwhile the TV will switch to showing a screensaver because it's got no input etc.

Is there some way to have McMC only change resolution when I play media, and to remain on that resolution until I next play media of a different resolution, at which point it'll switch?

So if I'm playing 4K/23.97 then it'll stay on that in the GUI until I eventually play something at let's say 1080/50.

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