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Some bugs and a request

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Some bugs and a request

Post by Looxoor » 10 Dec 2015, 16:29


First of all, thanks for all your work, for a 1.0(ish) release it's pretty damn solid.

And it feels kinda privileged to have this direct interaction with the developers, really nice of you!

The bugs/inconsistencies:
  • Sometimes when pressing the menu button, for instance when browsing the add-ons, it returns to the home screen.
    Maybe set a longer timeout before that happens?
    I'd prefer it if it didn't at all, since we've already got a dedicated home button for that behavior.
  • When using the context menu while playing a video, after e.g. changing subtitles, a press on menu button returns to the video player,
    rather than traversing backwards through the menu tree so you can change other settings before resuming playback.
    IIRC, that's what Kodi does anyways.
  • As mentioned in another thread, the music scraper ends mid-scan and never proceeds longer than where it previously failed.
    MySQL and NAS/NFS setup, if it matters.
The requests:
  • I'd love it if you'd include Universal Movie Scraper somehow, in the future.
    Since my library was originally scraped using it, TMDb produces all sorts of weird duplicates when it runs.
  • I'm missing a, for me at least, sort of crucial advancedsettings.xml-feature, the ability to ignore OSX's horrible hidden files
    created when editing files or their properties on a non HFS+ drive.
    Otherwise the library quickly fills with useless duplicates.
    It seems only OSX recognizes them as hidden.
Example as such:

Code: Select all

	<excludefromscan action="append">
	<excludetvshowsfromscan action="append">

That's it for now I guess, thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

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