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iOS 2.7.0 released

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iOS 2.7.0 released

Post by amet » 18 Oct 2016, 18:03

changes since 2.6.3 release version
  • - plex, search for actors or directors from info window
    - plex: add Plex Music
    - plex: fix plex cloud listing
    - plex: add plex users to Profiles, reload plex services on profile switch
    - plex: dont start plex services thread if plex service has not been setup
    - plex: reset PlexServices to initial values once we stop it… fixes some skin issues as m_hasClients is left as true once we kill plex server
    - added, fetch old log to webiterface
    - added, option to sort movies by SortByLastPlayed
    - added SetCustomPath to support custom protocols
    - added, mp4 and m4v as valid music file extension
    - added, http PUT and DELETE handling
    - fixed, revert, inprogress tvshows submenu to display shows rather than episodes
    - fixed. always use PostMsg if not on main app thread
    - fixed, CNetworkInterfaceLinux::IsWireless()
    - fixed, native ac3 passthrough fails on some devices, use IEC pass for for them
    - fixed, stream sync, better randomizer. thx koying
    - fixed, delay registerAudioRouteNotifications:
    - fixed, iOS appletv remote seek and send info on media we are playing
    - fixed, big seek is like a chapter, also do a m_callback.OnPlayBackSeek there too
    - fixed, ignore loopback interfaces (darwin/osx)