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Change log - updated 24.11.2018

Posted: 06 Nov 2018, 18:54
by pecinko
Skin ver 1.2.4 /In developement:
- Fix library update button

Skin ver 1.2.3 /Mrmc Testflight ver 3.7.1:
- Background in light theme was a bit too bright
- Hide a scroll letter form a scroller menu when sorting is not "by title"
- Include scroller in other lists
- Re-work VideoInfo screen to avoid screen slide
- Fix PVR Guide menu button action
- Prevent springy effect on side menu
- fix poster cut off on home screen
- add episode numbers to home shelves
- back button opens side options menu in LiveTv

Skin ver 1.2.1 /Mrmc Testflight ver 3.7.1:
- Left side options menu
- Right side scroller menu
- Optional true black background in dark theme
- Fanart view