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Ariana: Pagejump in Listview / Back Button Topic is solved

Any Ariana skin issues go here
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Ariana: Pagejump in Listview / Back Button

Post by Londo2017 » 23 Sep 2018, 20:18


In all Skins I can switch „right“ from the list in listview and have the opportunity to scroll fast / Jump 1 page, In Ariana there is no such possibility:-(

Is it possible to change switching to menu from back button to the normal behavior: going left?

Right -> Pagejump instead of scrolling one item
Left -> Menu instead of using the back button
Back -> going back to main menu / back one step (eg: from tvshow season back to tvshow list back to homemenu)

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Re: Ariana: Pagejump in Listview / Back Button

Post by pecinko » 24 Sep 2018, 12:31

I have changed BACK button action for future version.

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