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Request: "PVR Channel List during play" changes/additions

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Request: "PVR Channel List during play" changes/additions

Post by Montoya » 20 Jun 2018, 20:25


Posted this already in Testflight 3.7.0 topic, so on request moved it to here with some changes.

1) Can we have more readability for the program names with channel list on screen while playing Live TV ?
Now we have grey colored letters on a grey opacity panel for the program names of the not playing channels. Please use a color for the letters that stand out more, so that whatever lighting condition is shown on screen for the current playing channel, the text is readable and stands out.

2) Can we have more channels on screen for the channel list while playing Live TV ?
Now we have 6 channels at once while in Opacity there is 11. This 6 channels is still a template from the old days of Kodi.

A very very user friendly and functional UI I just came across, is from the current iPlayTV app on the Apple TV.
This has now the best on screen display in my opinion concerning on screen channel list and program info with that channel list. Please consider to take a look there to get some ideas, because it's that good that I'm considering to also transfer all my PVR channels to it because of that easy to use UI, but also great functional UI, to make watching TV easier for my wife and kid.

This is an example in iPlayTV of just swiping to the right which brings up the channel list during play:
It contains 2 columns, first one is all channels info and second one is current playing channel program info with all programs shown for that playing channel. It even has an option when scrolling through that list to pop up a live video preview of the channel in a thumbnail next to those two columns, when you are scrolling through that list.

Swiping to the Left brings up a column on right side of screen where the user can choose between Now or Next items in that column in time sequence order of current running or upcoming programs of all channels. For MrMC in that column on right side, having only Next items should be sufficient and very nice to have.

Swiping to right or left during play of a Live TV channel, is a functionality that is still unused during play of Live TV in MrMC, so Devs, please consider this functionality.

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Re: Request: "PVR Channel List during play" changes/additions

Post by pecinko » 10 Jul 2018, 10:53

I will look into adding more items in lists but that right side guide might not be currently possible to do in skin.

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