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3.8 update fixed my Mi Box S audio issues

Posted: 08 Mar 2019, 23:58
by CosaOG
Just wanted to comment on a positive note that the update to MrMC 3.8 appears to have fixed an audio issue I have been having with the Mi Box S ever since I got it on Thanksgiving 2018. All local content with multichannel AAC or Dolby Digital + audio playing to my older Denon receiver through optical via passthrough was unlistenable with distorted choppy sound. When passthrough was disabled it would play fine but in stereo. My FireTV 1 box played the same content over optical passthrough fine using 3.7.1 (awaiting the 3.8 update). The Mi Box S has not had an OS update in months so I am assuming it was the MrMC update that provided the audio fix.