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Android TV Home update

Posted: 13 Jun 2019, 10:14
by Fehritale
Hi guys,
since the update of Android TV Home a few days ago the movie posters and series thumbnails for the Andoird channel are not loading untill you open MrMC. It looks like they are not cached and just loads if you open MrMC.

For my daily usage, i power off the shield every evening and unplug it, it is quite annoying that you have to open MrMC everytime after boot in the morning to see the posters and thumbnails.

I know that you guys from MrMC are not responsible for the behaviour, because it just started after the Android TV Home update. So it seems Google changed something with channels. But it would be nice if someone have a workaround for this or to see a fix in MrMC.

Re: Android TV Home update

Posted: 15 Jun 2019, 10:07
by koying
Next major version will have a split of the app between "fronted" and "service", which will allow the service starting up at boot "behind-the-scene", thus solving this problem (that I didn't notice probably because I'm running it :P )

Re: Android TV Home update

Posted: 15 Jun 2019, 12:15
by Fehritale
That is probably why you have a forum, to find these kind of bugs :P

Anyway, thanks for effort in developing and always make MrMC better!