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Audio Sync problems with latest build at 24fps

Any issues that are Nvidia Shield TV specific
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Audio Sync problems with latest build at 24fps

Post by hieyemtim » 15 May 2019, 16:34

Hello Amazing Coders,

We had this with the latest betas as well. We have my shield and MRMC set to 24fps because our projector will only output 4k HDR at 24fps. We're having audio sync issues with 1080p files that are 24fps. This never happens with 4k files. All these files work perfectly with SPMC with the same settings. We do have advanced timing enabled in MRMC but disabling it doesn't solve the problem. The audio sync isn't a set amount. If I delay the audio in the on screen settings while watching, the audio will correct itself but then get worse and worse until lips are moving and audio is so off it feels like I'm watching something else entirely. So unfortunately, I need to switch to SPMC whenever I'm watching 1080p content. Could you amazing developers set your system and MRMC to 24fps and take a look at some 1080p files. It takes a while for the audio to get noticeably off a good 5-7 mins or so. We really noticed this watching the new Twilight Zone. Thanks again for all your amazing work!

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Re: Audio Sync problems with latest build at 24fps

Post by Toff3d » 18 May 2019, 10:03


I encounter the same issue. My shield is connect to my onkyo amplifier with the sound set in pass-through. But the audio is not sync with the video. Same hiyemtim I switch back to SPMC, and a other think but just personal the video look like better on SPMC maube à parameter I have miss?

Thank you for your help

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