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White Clipping

Any issues that are Nvidia Shield TV specific
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White Clipping

Post by three6zerocool » 02 May 2019, 22:38

Hello. Long time MrMC user here, but not on this platform.
Just got an NVidia Shield, so am going to put my favourite software 'MrMC' onto it.

Been messing with MrMC Lite and seeing how it compares to my AppleTV4k version.

Have noticed something, and wondered if there is anything that can be done to address it.
Specifically concerning Procamp adjustment (Brightness and Contrast) of SDR material.

ie. On the AppleTV version of MrMC, while playing a video, you can acess the video controls, and adjust brightness and contrast, and then save it as default. This is quite an advantage to those who run their hardware in Full Range Video configuration, and MrMC has a setting for those who do. (like me)

While playing patterns on the Shield, I noticed that white levels are really clipped when playing white clipping level pattern.
This is easily remedied by slightly reducing contrast setting in MRMC, and then saving as default, which correctly sets White levels for SDR content. Likewise, the Brightness adjustment allows setting the black clipping level.

On the shield (Android) version of MrMC, no such luck, as these Brightness and Contrast adjustments during SDR playback do not exist. Is this a limitation of the platform in general, or just something not implemented?.

As a video enthusiast, I like my content to be as it should be, and is on my other devices, including my PC with Nvidia display card, which of course supports Procamp level controls as well as Full Range video support on both RGB and YUV output modes.

So, I guess my question is, can the Shield version of MrMC have Brightness and Contrast adjustment?
the black clipping level on the shield playing SDR patterns is excellent, but the white levels are incorrect when displaying in Full Range video levels.

Been reading numerous posts on various other forums regarding white clipping on the Shield, so guess I am not the only one to notice this behaviour.

Thanks for your time and the most excellent software.

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Team MrMC
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Re: White Clipping

Post by davilla » 03 May 2019, 00:04

Unfortunately on the Shield (and all android based platforms), media that uses MediaCodec (Surface) does not have the ability to adjust brightness and contrast. If you use MediaCodec (non-surface), then brightness and contrast can be adjusted.

On AppleTV4/4K, the similar thing happens when AVFoundation is used for decode.

Basically, video is decoded and rendered on a layer that be have limited control over.

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Re: White Clipping

Post by three6zerocool » 03 May 2019, 07:01

Okay, thanks very much for enlightening me.

I suspected as much tho, but was unaware that the same thing occurs on the AppleTV using AVF.
Bit disappointing for a media streamer like the Shield that has received so much hype as the best Android TV Box.

I purchased the android version of MrMC, and installed it onto my Oled TV which is a Sony.
Interestingly enough, I have calibrated it myself, and when I play the same white and black clipping patterns, they display bang on, and full range white levels perfectly.

I also tested the white clipping on my Sony TV using generic Kodi app, and white clipping is perfect too.

So, seemingly the white level clipping on the Nvidia shield is unique to that device, and not your software, or the generic Kodi.

Bloody technology!.
(Grin). My AppleTV4k can not passthru TrueHD audio like Atmos, but can do Atmos/PCM in Netflix.
My Sony TV Netflix app can do Atmos, but Kodi and MrMC can not thru normal ARC.
And my Nvidia Shield can play HD audio fine in MrMC and Kodi, but only 5.1 in Netflix, and no HDR in YouTube, and has messed up white levels.
And my PC can not seem to display HDR properly, without jumping thru a lot of MadVR hoops.

Heh heh .. For _____ sake. I see a lot of Logitech Harmony activities in my future.

I must admit tho, the HDR on the shield looks really good, and the levels are excellent on the HDR patterns I have tested. My AppleTV4k just black crushes HDR, (tho it gets pretty damn close) and trying to remedy creates a very noisy image. But the HDR on the shield is exceedingly clean.

Again, thanks for the clarification.

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Re: White Clipping Update

Post by three6zerocool » 03 May 2019, 21:31

I don't think I read your reply correctly.
Failed to notice that you said disabling surface codec allows brightness and contrast adjustment.

Just tried it, and you were of course correct. For some reason I had both enabled.
So, am pretty happy now, as have tweaked the levels, and have full range black and white levels.

Thank you oh so much for that tip!. I can keep this thing now.

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