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4K media hanging / stuttering periodically

Any issues that are Nvidia Shield TV specific
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4K media hanging / stuttering periodically

Post by sdmaged99 » 06 Apr 2019, 13:58


Issue is that on almost any 4K MKV file that i play, it will start lagging, and then audio will stop and the movie freezes. Sometimes pausing and unpausing fixes, other times you need to stop the movie and then resume. This may be relevant but i noticed if i change the audio track from DTS-HD to Dolby Digital, the pausing / stuttering seem to stop. I have passthrough disabled, but i will also test with it enabled (i did find having it enabled was causing some issues on some titles like garbled audio etc)

Overview of setup :-

Playing 4K remux files with (primarily) DTS-HD audio via SMB from unRAID share to MrMC on my Nvidia Shield TV. Audio via my Sony STR-DN1080 amplifier.

File sizes average of 30-90GB.

Pastebin below of the errors i saw in the logs. Couldn't attach the full log due to not wanting to pay for Pro membership!

Errors do suggest this is audio related?


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