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Audio not the same as blu ray...

Any issues that are Nvidia Shield TV specific
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Audio not the same as blu ray...

Post by jcwillia1 » 24 Dec 2018, 22:37

I had a very strange experience today :

Someone help me understand this. The first pic is blu ray on xbox one x. The second pic is an makemkv rip of that exact same disc on mrmc 3.7.1

Same volume on the AVR - the audio is a solid 10db louder on the xbox and the bass is WAY better on the disc vs the rip. I was honestly afraid my subs had kicked the bucket at the start of the mrmc playthrough.

What am I doing wrong? Shield is set to passthrough. Receiver is set to direct decode on both.

Also look at the range! the blu ray has way more variance in the numbers than the mrmc/shield.

Blu Ray.


Rip on MrMC


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