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hue sync help

Any issues that are Nvidia Shield TV specific
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Team MrMC
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Re: hue sync help

Post by koying » 21 Sep 2018, 16:37

Disable entertainment group (or remove the lights you want to dim from the group in the Hue app), select individual lights and set their mode to "Dim".

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Re: hue sync help

Post by thesuffering » 21 Sep 2018, 16:50

Awesome. Thanks, its working great now.

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Re: hue sync help

Post by wildecard » 25 Sep 2018, 11:31

Just wanted to take a minute out of my day to say THANKS! I'm really enjoying the Hue Sync. My only "problem" with it is that now I want to go and buy some more colored bulbs. :lol:

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Re: hue sync help

Post by notlbishop » 27 Sep 2018, 20:38

koying wrote:
19 Sep 2018, 19:09
The 4K issue is specific to ATV. This is Shield.

See https://wiki.mrmc.tv/index.php/Debug_log to get and provide a debug log.
realise this isn't the correct forum to ask but haven't had much luck getting a clarification in the atv4k forum.

can this be fixed / will this be fixed for 4k files on atv4k do you know?

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Re: hue sync help

Post by rohazon » 01 Oct 2018, 09:00

koying wrote:
20 Sep 2018, 22:22
Re hue, there is no transition, indeed. I find it more important for the ambilight to match what's onscreen.

I'm abroad currently, so cannot test gamepad right now.
I'll try to reproduce next week.
Hello Koying,

was wondering if you had time to check on gamepad/controller issue (2015 version). https://pastebin.com/TreVB881
it might be related to emby server, as i have tried to uninstall/reinstall. Everything was Ok at first launch, but after adding my emby server and restarting MrMc, problem appear again.
Let me know if you need more informations

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