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HDR subtitles too bright

Any issues that are Nvidia Shield TV specific
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HDR subtitles too bright

Post by RewNex » 03 Jun 2018, 15:38

I have used the atv4k with Mrmc for a while now and enjoyed it, but I was beginning to miss audio passthrough for atmos and DTS:X
so I just bought the Nvidia Shield tv box and installed MrMC right away now the audio works excellent, but I immediately notice how bright the subtitles are compared to atv4k even when the color set the color to "grey", are there anything that can be done to make them less bright?

EDIT: I should mention it's .srt files.

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Re: HDR subtitles too bright

Post by tfmaiden » 27 Jun 2018, 20:15

I've been having the same problem, I tried everything I could think of but I didn't find anything that could make them look as they do in SPMC and Kodi. They can almost get you blind during dark scenes.

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Re: HDR subtitles too bright

Post by Rootax » 22 Jul 2018, 09:40

Yeah, it's like the "grey" setting is not working in HDR / BT2020 mode. Or it's not grey enough. It's the same thing with the native Plex client, or original Kodi too.

Only Netflix is ok with that, but I don't know how they do it...

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Re: HDR subtitles too bright

Post by KnifeFed » 21 Sep 2018, 04:48

As far as I can tell, the subtitle color option only works with subtitles that are embedded and text-based, i.e. no external subtitles and no PGS (obviously).

I would love it if the subtitles were gray when playing HDR content and white for everything else.

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