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MrMC keeps losing saved setting on Shield TV

Any issues that are Nvidia Shield TV specific
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MrMC keeps losing saved setting on Shield TV

Post by Superhans » 18 May 2018, 12:39

Had this issue with SPMC on my Shield as well. As I've never had it occur on my FireTV installation of MrMC I was hoping that getting MrMC for the Shield would fix it but the same thing happens ... for some reason, MrMC will randomly reset to what seems to be default settings (except for media sources, which remain).

eg. I go into the audio settings, switch settings level to 'advanced' and set 5.1 channels and audio passthrough and tick whatever codecs my amp supports (DTS, EAC3 etc).

All seems well, I am playing back 5.1 material and all is good with my amp handling the 5.1 decoding. However, at some random future date (usually within a day or two) I start MrMC again and it is back to playing only stereo sound with no passthrough. Going into settings shows that the sound settings are now back to 'standard' and the system is set for 2.0 channels with passthrough not selected.

Same happens with Video resolution settings when I tell it not to change the output resolution for <1080 line video (eg. When I would play 960x540 material the output res would switch down to 720p and scale the 540p source into that instead of staying at 1080p and scaling the 540p source material up). I can make the setting and it works but at some future point it will be lost as with the audio settings.

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