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Opacity: Three issues + One Suggestion

Posted: 24 Feb 2019, 19:06
by timstephens24
Issue 1:
The 'Show watched items on home screen' when toggled off (so you shouldn't see watched items on the home screen) doesn't do anything. Either way it's set will show items you've watched.

Issue 2:
With an Emby server in when you go to Music, the side bar has 'Recently Added' and it's centered. With a Plex server when you go to Music, there's no 'Recently Added' area but if I go back and select Recently Added I can get to it, so it seems like it exists just not showing on the main screen.

Issue 3 (also the same in Ariana so potentially with all the skins):
If you go to Settings -> Video -> Library and then go over to 'Show watched items on the home screen' there's a spelling error on the tooltip. Recently is mispelled as Recntly.

Suggestion 1:
On the main screen, when go to TV in the side bar, the top item is 'Recently Added' when you have a Plex server. and below that it 'On Deck'. It would be nice if 'On Deck' was at the top and Recently Added was below that.

Suggestion 2:
If I go to Music you only have one line there for Recently Added, and it's centered. I would suggest centering all the others like Music if there's just one line. If there's two lines like with Plex for 'On Deck' and 'Recently Added' then the way it's done now is good.