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Is there any skin that is a little it adjustable?

Any skin specific issues
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Re: Is there any skin that is a little it adjustable?

Post by Everbrave » 26 Dec 2018, 12:31

pecinko wrote:
24 Dec 2018, 08:37

As for custom submenu items - my opinion is that they are not really needed if the Mrmc UI navigation is done right. This is something that was always lacking in XBMC/Kodi and was being “remedied” by using skin scripts. We are planning improvements in this area and thus describing your use case and needs would help us more since we would have a good interface for all users available out of the box, without a need to fiddle with it.
I absolutely agree! I have always advocated a single, unified UI provided it is done well. My suggestions were posted in Ariana sub-forum. The UI has always been, and still, the weak point of Kodi/MrMC it hasn’t change since xbmc quite some time ago and should be re-written from scratch IMHO. I have seen screen shots of Ariana touch for iOS and this is going in the correct direction; needs to be adjusted to tvOS and you have a winner.

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