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Hue Entertainment

Posted: 08 Oct 2018, 20:29
by nicknack35
Evening all im new to the Forum and thanks for having me. Just looking around and im not to sure where to post this. But hear goes anyways. Seeing that Hue works on this Media player i have a few questions. How does it work for Music im not
to bothered about movies syncing cause its to distracting all the flashing lights when watching a movie. Id like to Dim them like in Theatre mode. What id like to do is have my lights to sync in time to the beat of my Music there is no apps out there that do it maybe Hue Sync. But that is Windows 10 and Apple only. Which i don't want or need a PC to my main TV in the living room. I wouldn't mind been able to do it with the TV turned off. Like an app to control the media player while the tv Is turned off let the Music play and the Hue lights do there thing. Hope this post makes sense. And thanks for reading :P :P