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Keymap editor plugin broken

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Keymap editor plugin broken

Post by Jxplex » 30 Sep 2018, 19:45

This is my experience from both my shield & my fire TV 4k

The keymap editor, when you go to record button presses, seems to not record the press correctly, where it usually shows a number for which key you pressed it's just blank. Then when you save it, nothing has really changed. When you go to open the addon again it says the keymap file is corrupted or something along those lines. Manually copying in my key combo file from spmc is a temporary workaround.


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Re: Keymap editor plugin broken

Post by Perlbo » 12 Oct 2018, 23:21

Hi. In My shield key is recognized but it does not work. Under global addon I want to start advanced wol launcher with key. After saving the key I try to test, but nothing happens.

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Re: Keymap editor plugin broken

Post by msyeed » 26 Feb 2019, 09:03

Apple TV here. I find that if I go into a subsection and customize my controls, most of them take and display a change and function after saving changes. However, if I reenter the add on, despite the changes being in effect, the entries all appear to be back at default.

I also find that if I customize the DVD Menu button control, it seems to take, but is always ignored, and whatever button I've assigned behaves with its default value.

I also find there are certain controls that it won't let me customize at all, never changing even their displayed action in the editor. Namely, "play/pause". My remote has dedicated separate play and pause buttons, so I'd rather use the main selection button to always bring up the OSD when playing video...but no go.

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Re: Keymap editor plugin broken

Post by biskyt » 17 Aug 2019, 18:57

I have also noticed the same behaviour today. The OP is over a year old, has this really not been fixed?!

I ended up making the key maps in Kodi and copying the XML file over. Annoying though, I only brought mrmc today and have already found 2 things broken (the other is that the trakt authorisation is broken)

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