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Emby Server Version 3.6.0.x Beta Issues

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Emby Server Version 3.6.0.x Beta Issues

Post by barong » 22 Nov 2018, 09:26


just wanted to give you a heads up in regards to a couple of issues I have noticed using the latest beta version of the Emby Server software. I understand this is still beta software but may be something to look into before it hits release.

Issue 1: Cover Art for TV Shows on the home screen (Recently Added) sometimes does not appear - blank image only. Movies are not effected and work correctly. Episode thumbnail appears correctly as does the cover if you go into the TV Shows library view. But the cover art seems to be missing on the home screen only.

Issue 2: Unwatched Filter for TV Shows - this is not working. It is showing episodes 0/0 for all shows at the season/show level so it thinks the show is watched. The individual episodes are keeping track of watched status correctly though.

The above is happening in all skins.
Playback is still working fine as is media syncing.
Plex and MrMc libraries are not effected.

Note - issue 1 still happens if I revert to the stable emby server version ( This issue may have always been present for me.
Issue 2 reverts to working on the older stable version.

Emby Change Log for reference:

Thanks again :D

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Re: Emby Server Version 3.6.0.x Beta Issues

Post by barong » 23 Nov 2018, 01:54

Hi - just wanted to say that item 2 has been resolved in the latest testflight for TVOS.
Item 1 remains.

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Re: Emby Server Version 3.6.0.x Beta Issues

Post by sdmaged99 » 23 Nov 2018, 20:36

Another issue (not sure if the fault of Emby), is that episodes that have not been aired yet are showing as "in the library", yet when you click them (obviously) nothing loads

It's confusing to my wife, and would be better if they just did not show. Maybe this is just a config issue on my side?

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