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FIxed :MrMc is broken with 7.2 preview

Nvidia Shield TV Video playback support subforum
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FIxed :MrMc is broken with 7.2 preview

Post by Rootax » 07 Dec 2018, 18:51

EDIT : never mind, nVidia fixed it with another 7.2 release.

Hello there,

I'm using the private 7.2 preview on my nVidia Shield, with the 3.7.1 MrMc version. All was great with 7.1.

Now, I know it's maybe on the nVidia side, but if it's not, I think I should share the problem. And from the nvidia forum, I'm not the only one with that bug.

So, when I start a video, the video will play for a few seconds, with no sound, and then freeze, or go like 1fps every 10-15 seconds. In that moment, I can go back, and exit MrMc. But when I do, it's just showing a black screen, and I have to go to the home menu, and kill the app. Anyway, the playback problem is more important (it's with embeded plex client btw, but It happens with direct play from a SMB share too). I try with disabling audi passthrough, disable video acceleration, etc, same thing. Here is a log :

EDIT : Sorry, wrong pastbin : here is the right one : https://pastebin.com/wJxuDrMU

I hope it can help, and sorry for my english :/

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