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4k HDR Audio glitches

Nvidia Shield TV Video playback support subforum
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Team MrMC
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Re: 4k HDR Audio glitches

Post by davilla » 27 Oct 2018, 14:40

Wilson157 wrote:
27 Oct 2018, 09:05
Hi Guys, sorry to bump the thread, any ideas?

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Nothing obvious in debuglog. To play 4K/HDR, your network connection must be fast... 100baseT wired just will not work, must be gigabit ethernet or 802.11ac wifi. Check your network.

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Re: 4k HDR Audio glitches

Post by Wilson157 » 28 Oct 2018, 21:44

The LAN is gbit and it plays fine in SPMC.
Is there any other part of debug log which may help?

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