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4K/HDR issues

Posted: 05 Sep 2018, 21:43
by Quartermass
As suggested viewtopic.php?f=10&t=4104&start=1150#p20065 I'm posting a log because I've found MrMC is stuttering/freezing on 4K/HDR content.

The file is a remux so there's lots of data there. I'm using an nVidia shield, it's being output to a Sony STR-DN1080 and from there to an LG OLED65B7V.

I've tried different h/w acceleration options, this is it at default. Some combinations disable HDR (the TV displays when HDR is working) but none seem able to play this file without difficulty.

Re: 4K/HDR issues

Posted: 06 Sep 2018, 14:30
by davilla
get codec info up when playing, look at aq/vq and buffers. looks like the net transport can't keep up.

Re: 4K/HDR issues

Posted: 06 Sep 2018, 15:05
by Quartermass
Ok. There have been a couple of changes to the network. I've reterminated a couple of cables up in the loft, and I've replaced the unmanaged switches with managed switches.

That got me thinking and it looks like I need to go reterminate a cable.

Re: 4K/HDR issues

Posted: 06 Sep 2018, 16:16
by Quartermass
So I reterminated the cable showing as crosstalk - before I did it I noticed that the 100 but not 1000 light was on the switch.

I reterminated it twice to no avail. Then remembering that sky TV was put in last week and the guy was behind the TV I pushed on the ethernet cable into the wall port and wiggled.... and the problem has gone.

A simple connection issue!

That seems to confirm it - not sure why 2 frames were skipped but they seemed to be as it started to play rather that while it was playing. I did take a short video if those numbers are hard to read.

However my guess is the AQ and VQ are fine - or should they be 100%? The buffer I'm guessing is the 150MB and is fine?

If that is solved then I'm down to only having 1 real issue with MrMC.

Thank you for the help!

Re: 4K/HDR issues

Posted: 07 Sep 2018, 00:04
by davilla
Codec info looks fine. aq/vq are audio and video demux queues. The 150MB buffer feeds them.

If aq or vq drop to zero, then a buffering cycle starts.

Re: 4K/HDR issues

Posted: 07 Sep 2018, 00:26
by Quartermass
Ah I see.

I think I'll somehow wrangle a way to attach this to the remote so I can turn it on and off.

I've watched the numbers in more detail and sometimes the video queue drops down to 90, and I think the first digit has rolled to an 8 once or twice but from what you've said that's perfectly fine.