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Poor picture quality 720p

Posted: 10 Mar 2019, 17:42
by RoosterX
So first my HW, having a brand new Sony 65XF9005(US - x900f) setup with an old Shield TV I had lying around since this TV's Android TV is so sluggish I prefer the Shield TV.
Have set up that MRMC changes Hz and also resolution to match whatever the video source is, unfortuately I can't get it to just change Hz without also changing resolution(let the TV do the upscale) most material works very well, especially 1080p/4k incl. HDR, really!! satisfied with the quality. But as always with technology there is a big but.. If i start a tv show or something in 720P the picture quality is so bad, it's just plain terrible, looks like it's heavily oversharpened(edge?!).

So my question is, is this the fault of the TV, since it is supposed to actually do the upscale, or is it some setting in MRMC in which I simply can't find nor figure out?

Is there a way to disable resolution change for some material, like let the Shield TV/MRMC do the upscale on all content 720p and less?

Re: Poor picture quality 720p

Posted: 11 Mar 2019, 05:32
by koying
Does resolution change to 720p?
What's the quality if you disable "also change resolution"?

Re: Poor picture quality 720p

Posted: 11 Mar 2019, 07:26
by RoosterX
Yes the resolution do change to 720p, but I am starting to think this is all down to my TV sharpening etc with same settings applied like it do when using higher quality material(1080p, 4k etc), was tinkering around with the TV settings and it got much better, wouldn't say perfect though, but had to change it back, so the settings is correct for all the other resolutions that I play. So unless there is a way to make exception for changing resolution on only 1080p, and let Shield TV upscale lower resolutions, OR if I could just change framerate without changing resolution?!

I'm guessing it's like everything else, always a compromise. To be fair the PQ in my opinion when I let the Shield TV do the upscale is pretty decent.

Re: Poor picture quality 720p

Posted: 13 Apr 2019, 17:33
by Audiomixer
I also have noticed what the OP has seen on his setup with my xbr55x900f and shield when running 720p content with “also change resolution” ticked on. It very nasty quality like over saturation of sharpness. When I untick the change resolution, PQ is fine. Also have noticed the same thing with Kodi 18.1 when 720p content is whitelisted and playing on this Sony TV.
My Lg C8 doesn’t have this problem.

Re: Poor picture quality 720p

Posted: 05 May 2019, 15:15
by RoosterX
Could this be partly a problem of wrong colour space? Can't check now because my Shield TV is non function atm. Can check when i get my new Sata Cable for it.