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Amazon Fire TV (Gen 2 box) - best encoding for 3d

Any issues that are Android specific
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Amazon Fire TV (Gen 2 box) - best encoding for 3d

Post by RobinWatts » 27 Oct 2018, 15:57

Hi all,

I have an Amazon Fire TV box (gen 2, the 4K, h265 capable one), that I use to drive an Epson EH-TV5100 Full HD 3d projector.

I've ripped all my 2d DVDs and blurays to a NAS for playing through MrMC, and it's working brilliantly. (I use MakeMKV and then feed into Handbrake to compress to H265, q20, with audio passthrough).

This just leaves my 3d discs still to rip.

Has anyone figured out what the best encoding possible is for this box?

If I just use MakeMKV to rip 3d blu-rays, and play them back with MrMC I get 2d playback.

If I use MakeMKV to rip 3d blu-rays, and feed the resultant MKV into BD3D2MK3D, I can create half-SBS files that play back, but that reduces the effective resolution of the video by 50% (I get a 1920x1080 video, of which 960x1080 is fed to each eye).

Before I go ahead and rip all my movies in this format, is there a better option I can pick so as to get 1920x1200 to each eye?

Unticking the "half" option on the SBS stuff in BD3D2MK3d gives me a full-SBS file, but when I play it back under MrMC, I think it's halving the X-resolution to make it fit on screen.

The projector is clearly capable of doing 1920x1200 to each eye (it does it for 3d blurays played from the PS4 for example), and the Amazon Fire TV clearly has enough grunt for it (it's only half the number of pixels that a 4K movie would be), but there may be hardware limitations in there that I don't understand.

Any hints gratefully received, even if it's just to say authoratatively "this can't be done!" Thanks.

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Re: Amazon Fire TV (Gen 2 box) - best encoding for 3d

Post by timstephens24 » 27 Oct 2018, 17:00

I know a few people that do 3D MVCs to 4K H-SBS files with DVDFab Copy and Ripper. I quit on 3D awhile ago though, but I used to just do MVC MKVs.
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