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Mrmc freeze on boot

Any issues that are Nvidia Shield TV specific
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Re: Mrmc freeze on boot

Post by davilla » 13 Jul 2017, 12:01

heh :) Koying and I might not see eye to eye but we do talk to each other.

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Re: Mrmc freeze on boot

Post by koying » 14 Jul 2017, 07:01

davilla wrote:One big thing, there can be only one active at boot. So control and sequencing can be strictly controlled.
I'm afraid you still confuse "launcher" as in "program 0/the one that launches them all", which is probably unsafe for Kodi-likes for everyday users, vs a "boot launcher" like http://www.aftvnews.com/new-amazon-fire ... y-on-boot/ which uses the "BOOT_COMPLETED" method, which is exactly what spmc has built-in.

And you can have an infinite number of apps listening to the intent as well, like autoexec.bat ;)

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