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Skin Complaints and Gripes (IPTV viewing)

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Skin Complaints and Gripes (IPTV viewing)

Post by darbar » 06 Mar 2019, 18:13

I have used Kodi for many years and before that XBMC. I have grown to absolutely love the program. When I saw that you had a version of this for Apple TV, I downloaded it (MRMC). I instantly fell in love with it. It had all the functionality I had grown accustomed to on Kodi. The default skin (MRMC skin) was an instant hit with me. I mainly use the program for TV watching and the MRMC skin had all the layout and specs that I needed. All was great until the new rollout of MRMC app which omitted the MRMC skin. I now have some gripes that I would like to point out. Specifically:

Ariana skin gripes\annoyances:
1. Guide View: No program description of the program that is highlighted.
2. Channel View: Tv channel font is too large and program title is too small to read
3. Home View: Allow player to continue playing in background
4. Fonts: Need to have a larger font available for people that need it

Opacity skin gripes\annoyances:
1. Guide view is well layed out and professional looking, however, i would like to see a preview pane to continue watching the current program while i search out for something else to watch.
2. Channel view: I would like to see a dedicated preview pane to continue watching the show i was watching. Other than that the view looks good to me.
3. Home view: Looks ok to me, however, i would like to see the current show that is playing without any opaqueness(view without obstruction)
4. Fonts: Need to have a larger font available for people that need it

What are my gripes?

Concerning TV watching, the skins should provide, at a minimum, the following details:

1. Guide View
The guide should have a preview pane for the current show being watched. The guide should display the information so that you can get the channel info as well as a description of the show that is being highlighted on the same screen. A great example of a well layed out TV Guide view can be seen with the Amber skin.

2. Channel Views

On the channel view there should be a preview pane to allow users to continue to watch the current tv program while searching for another channel to watch. This view should also allow for a detailed description of the program that is currently being highlighted in the channel list. A great example of a well layed out channel view could be seen on the MrMc skin that is no longer available. The Amber skin offers the best look and feel for me at the moment.

3. Fonts

The fonts should be user configurable so that they can be easily read (larger font size availability). The MRMC skin did offer a larger font which I loved. I know that this limits the amount of data that is viewable on the screen and may look odd but again, this should be an option for someone who chooses and needs a larger font size.

4. Full Screen

Some of the skins do not offer a way for a person to go to full screen while in Channel or Home screen view. This is just annoying. A good example of this annoyance is on the Amber skin.


As of now, the Amber skin is the best one available for now. I use the program on Apple TV and have no intentions of updating the program further until the above listed gripes of mine are resolved to some degree.

Why not allow the old skins even if they do not offer the fullest, newest and greatest options as you move forward. I am sure that the old skins will still work even as you make improvements in the future.

This is just my two cents worth. I would appreciate any help in resolving these issues if at all possible. You have a fantastic program! I just hate to see it diminish in style and functionality. I think there are a lot of people who share my views on this. I have been in the satellite TV sales, service and installation industry for 30 years and I know what people want and expect, at least on the TV viewing angle.

Thanks for listening and keep up the good work!


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