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Biggest missing feature for parents

Posted: 02 Nov 2017, 11:18
by davidvb
Anyone with kids wanting to use MrMC (or any other Media Centre) has to deal with the same problem which is that all the children’s movies, series and songs will mix with the other content.
And like most parents I have no time to mark all the content that arrives onto my NAS from multiple sources and media...

I know there is the profiles feature, but having to sign out and back in several times a day is not practical. Especially for young kids and people like my wife who want things as easy as possible or will resist using it..

**Because of this parents of younger kids these (and other) difficulties:**

* parents cannot have their kids in charge of the remote because they will have access to content not safe for their age group.

*Your own neatly managed collections get littered with kids stuff which sucks monkey b@lls.

*Some filtering functions become useless

*Ranking lists like “Party Mode” or “Top 100” are unusable due to the kids music & videos..

— This is a big reason to pay for Netflix, which made the wise decision to include a Kids Mode.

Do you guys have plans to implement something to support the same common use-case?

I’ve been waiting for such a Netflix-like solution feature for almost 7 years (when I became a father for he first time), so it would really be wonderful to see this getting some attention.

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Re: Biggest missing feature for parents

Posted: 02 Nov 2017, 11:43
by amet

as a father of 11 year old, I can tell you how I have handled it... if you are interested :)

She has her own ATV4 that is linked to Plex server user, her user has access to certain content and only I can give her access to new content.

on main MrMC installation, in the living room, she has her own MrMC profile and switches to that if she is watching her stuff.

if you do not want to use plex, you can try to set it up using profiles and MySQL server. create new user for the kids on MySQL server and allocate the sources to it, populate the library and switch profiles over depending on who is watching.

Re: Biggest missing feature for parents

Posted: 02 Nov 2017, 20:40
by timstephens24
I use Plex with the profiles too, and then get notifications with PlexPy when they watch stuff. That way I know what they're watching, and if it's something inappropriate.

Re: Biggest missing feature for parents

Posted: 05 Nov 2017, 10:26
by logan_x50
Netflix uses profiles too by the way and a PIN so imo closely mirrors how MrMC works.

Re: Biggest missing feature for parents

Posted: 08 Nov 2017, 13:11
by davilla
Onlyzen wrote:
08 Nov 2017, 07:51
You can't always tell when someone has a disability. Respond kindly, not judgmentally. Don't make assumptions about a child's potential based on a label. People with disabilities have a range of capabilities, just like anyone else. If people seem to be struggling, ask: "How can I help?" or "What do you need?"Saying "at least it's not cancer" is not helpful.
If there is a child with a disability in your child's class, invite him or her over to a playdate, or include him or her on the birthday party list. Too many parents of children with special needs kids say their kids miss out on peer activities.
And one last time: don't stare. Really. Just don't.
I really hate to do this but please stay on topic, this is a multmedia center forum. Consider this waring number one.

Re: Biggest missing feature for parents

Posted: 03 Oct 2018, 11:07
by martincoe
With all the talk about profiles, I'm wondering if it would be possible to just simply allow me the option to limit a profile to only display movies with a specific IMDB / TVDB rating. If there is no IMDB, the master profile can set one so that it can be viewed by a childs profile if appropriate?

That way, we not have have to worry about setting smb perms or specific perms on Plex etc.