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Hello from Ayrshire

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Hello from Ayrshire

Post by DanielCoffey » 24 Nov 2018, 19:33

Hello folks - I am a former user of the Plex app for Apple TV and am trying MrMC Lite to see if it will resolve the "Audio drops out randomly" issues that Plex refuse to acknowledge.

I have an Apple TV (4th gen) and a modest library of around eighty 1080p movies sitting on an unRAID NAS box. I have a Docker running Plex Media Server and have been struggling to get the movies to play without audio issues on the Plex Apple TV app. As you might know, even if you transcode the movies specifically for the Apple TV, Plex will still randomly drop the audio form time to time. A quick pause/play and you are back until it does it again.

I have finally had enough and so am trying MrMC. Fingers crossed!
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