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MySQL + 3 MrMC Clients

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MySQL + 3 MrMC Clients

Post by sfrazier1111 » 14 Oct 2018, 16:14

I have installed (3) three MrMC Clients on (3) different Nvidia boxes. My media is installed on a WD MyCloud PR2100 with MySQL installed.

I followed the steps for seting up MySQL
user host
mrmc %

The first client made the video database name: MyVideos107 and music database name of MyMusic60. I set up my first client and allowed it to set up all the info for tv shows, movies and music. I then set up the other two clients and set all three of the clients to use MyVideos107 and MyMusic60. The other two doesn't seem to be using the database so that I can use MySQL to track what I have watched, not watched etc. I am not sure I did that correct. The wiki showed how to set up MySQL but I didn't really find the steps on how to set up multiple clients and if I should specify the database names. I assume that I would so they would all sync. I had done this with KODI before and set up the adavanced and/or user files and it worked fine.

Can someone tell me the steps or point me to an url that tells the steps in which to set up at least 3 MrMC clients using the same database and that will allow all 3 clients to be "synced"?

MrMC is awesome, I just found it and really like it so far.

I just checked my database and it appears that even though I set all the clients to use the same database I see that I have

I am not sure what I did wrong and where I should go from here.

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Re: MySQL + 3 MrMC Clients

Post by amet » 14 Oct 2018, 16:49


if first MrMC client has been setup correctly, all you need on others is IP address of the server, user/pass and database names... name databases on 2 "slave" clients same without version numbers, MrMC will append those when connecting

if first client has database name as "MyVideos/MyMusic" name it the same on all others

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