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HDR works

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HDR works

Post by Quartermass » 30 Jul 2018, 00:35

I've had a number of problems with Kodi that were mostly fixed by going to SPMC but not entirely - including HDR not working in SPMC. I suspect many have been caused by trying loads of things to troubleshoot.

I noticed that the guy who makes SPMC has now moved here but that there hasn't been a release since then.

I thought I'd buy the app and try it just in case... and in about 20 minutes of trying it out I've found no frame jumping, HDR worked fine, dolby atmos works fine, and the picture looks great in 4K. I watched 15 minutes of Bladerunner 2049 in reassuring high fidelity for a change.

I've used XMBC since 2010/2011. I've never really gone in depth on it, I've just been a heavy user. I've had no interest on streaming on it but I understand it's dragged Kodi quite hard in that direction.

I have upgraded over the years and I now use a 65 inch OLED HDR TV and a Sony 1080 AVR. I also seem to notice frame skips etc much more than other people and any kind of frame skipping will give me a headache fast. I got rid of the

For the past few months I've really struggled with trying to get to the bottom of it. But it looks like switching to MrMC has fixed it. I've actually read a thread saying don't use this for HDR yet but well it works for me.

I've used a PC with a long HDMI cable from a different room. Then a Pi2, then a Pi3 after cancelling my Slice order, then a box I can't remember the name of and finally I'm on a Shield. I wish they'd called it an Nvidia tx box, and that way I wouldn't have assumed for so long it was a console that people were re-purposing rather than an actual set top box.

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Re: HDR works

Post by cosmoxl » 30 Jul 2018, 01:37

Welcome! Glad it works well for you.

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